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Growing Microgreens Method & Instructions.Welcome to the world of growing your own microgreens!. You can grow outdoors in warm seasons, or indoors all..
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HERBS IN YOUR GARDEN Growing your own herbs in the garden could be a wonderful experience and to use these herbs in the freshest form, can give you a..
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Marigold Introduction: Marigold (Gaenda) is one of the most commonly grown flowers and used extensively on religious and social functions in dif..
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GROWING PLANTS FROM SEED What is a SEED? It is essential that you know what a seed is before we start on how to grow them in the garden.The flower..
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A well-maintained, green lawn is a welcome and soothing site in a garden. Good amount of direct sunlight is necessary for a healthy and dense growt..
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Pinch the blooms as they fade to promote plant growth, and in some cases re-blooming. On some mounded perennials, (like chrysanthemums), shearing o..
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Plant nutrients are the chemical elements that are essential to the nourishment of plant health. Plant nutrients fall into three categories, all of ..
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Month wise Vegetable Gardening Calendar (chart) for South India Gardening ..
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BENEFITS OF INDOOR PLANTS Indoor gardening has many benefits: Indoor plants can brighten a room, Provide moisture to the dry indoor winter air, ..
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